Mastermind Reviews

Our next single Mastermind is coming soon!

Some of the reviews so far on the forthcoming release:


“A real well made song that has an old meeting new twist to it.”

“You are on to something great…”

“Mysterious and unconventional…”

“Two genres (classical and electronic) coming together…”

“A really good mix of classical and pop. The piano and the vocals make it sound really good. The piano gives it the classical feeling and the vocals are calming and entices a person to continue listening to the song.”

“Her voice is so eccentric which I extremely like. The beat of the song is sic. I loved the lyrics because it’s so weird in a good way. I really liked this song especially her style of singing.”


Hotwired featured on Tunecore’s ‪#‎TCVideoFriday‬!

Thanks to Tunecore for featuring our video Hotwired on #‎TCVideoFriday‬! Thanks Tunecore, you rock!

#‎TCVideoFriday ‬featuring KyneskaEmily Kinney MusicDastardlyTRACEGracie SchramJagged RowGunna Dee‪#‎Amano‬Lena Fayre & EES:

Hotwired available to pre-order now!!

Very very excited!!

Our latest single HOTWIRED is available to pre-order NOW on iTunes now at

20th March 2015 – Hotwired Pre-Release

24th March 2015 -  CHBN Radio Interview and Single preview with Jason & Rita 

1st April 2015 – Hotwired Video Release

27th April 2015 – Hotwired Official Release

Preorder: From 20th March 2015

Release: 27th April 2015

Kyneska - Hotwired

Kyneska – Hotwired




Hotwired Promo Pic