New Novel Out Now!  – Eagle God by Kyneska
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Front Cover of Eagle God by Kyneska

Book Description

‘…a saga of love and war on a parallel world.’


Three GIs — Mack, Coop and Benny — are struck by a paranormal force called a strangelet and find themselves in a parallel world inhabited by creatures and beings that have also passed through strangelets.
Dinosaurs walk the land, fly the skies and swim the oceans. Romans have established a society which has ruled for more than a millennium. An ancient Germanic tribe called the Batavi has colonized the far land of the Terra Batavorum.
This mysterious world has been named Nova by its inhabitants.

Nova is dangerous, and for newcomers — imperiti — life expectancy is short, especially since the GIs have come through in the middle of a global civil war, where Nova’s citizens are pitched against a new menace — the Medusa — who possesses incredible powers and technology.
The forces of the Medusa look like crushing all before them, and the Medusa’s daughter, the Netjeret Selene, looks certain to rule in a new era with her consort-to-be, the ambitious Interrex, Sinister Tertius.

But Selene does not want to marry Sinister Tertius.
And Mack is not an easy man to kill.

Available for only $3.07 USD

Available for only £1.85 GBP

Available for only $3.27 CAD