Reviews: Kyneska – Mastermind

Some of the reviews so far on the forthcoming release:


“A real well made song that has an old meeting new twist to it.”

“You are on to something great…”

“Mysterious and unconventional…”

“Two genres (classical and electronic) coming together…”

“A really good mix of classical and pop. The piano and the vocals make it sound really good. The piano gives it the classical feeling and the vocals are calming and entices a person to continue listening to the song.”

“Her voice is so eccentric which I extremely like. The beat of the song is sic. I loved the lyrics because it’s so weird in a good way. I really liked this song especially her style of singing.”

Reviews: Kyneska – Hotwired

“Indie genre feeling blended with female driven folk rock…I love her voice, angelic and airy, she sings with passion and energy.  Instruments are varied and progressive..great song.”

Overall an amazing piece of music…”

“Delightful and exciting…”

A fantastic vocal and incredible voice…the musicianship is electrifying…sounds like it could be a number one hit…”

“Intro sound smooth and powerful and as the song progresses it jut gets better and better…”

“Great fun, a bit retro, got me rocking in my seat…very impressed.”


Reviews: Kyneska – Sunrise On The Moon

“Unique, powerful and deep melody…I would listen to this daily…an overflow of positive emotions…”

“Very catchy intro and vocals with a 1980s/1990s Bonnie Tyler feel…”

“Nice background beat and catchy vocals. A modern 80s flashback vibe…”

Good beat, very catchy melody, lyrics seem very deep…Overall catchy song…”

“The introduction was amazing…voice comes in extra smooth and I couldn’t listen to her voice enough if I tried…This whole song screams EPIC journey…”